Self-Service Solutions
An All Winners Solution

Starbits solutions for Self-Service is a gamechanger for both companies and for everyday customers. Our systems for self-service will streamline and optimize any organisation - and create returning customers. Classic Win-Win. 

Starbit creates custom-made units designed for your specific needs. We will give you a complete package of software platform and hardware - ready to be connected to your ERP, PIM or POS.

What you need is what you get

The benefits from our Self-Service Solutions is a higher customer satisfaction and a more effective, smooth-running organization. Our systems are both functional and easy to use. A Self-Service System created by Starbit can, amongst other things, handle:

  • Payments
  • Pre-orders
  • Recipes
  • Check in- & Check outs
  • Customer Surveys
  • Membership registration
  • Durable hardware & materials for public use.

With current statistics and information you can adjust and improve your business regularly.

Snowdepth sensor

SDM-LW is a battery powered sensor for measuring snow depth and weather conditions. The sensor is designed for outdoor use and mounting on posts or flat vertical surfaces. The unit can last up to 10 years without changing the battery.

SDM-LW is completely wireless and communicates via LoRa Wan or LTE. The snow depth is measured optically at distances up to 50 meters.

Examples of applications
  • Automatic call-up of resources for snow removal
  • Calculation of snow load on property roofs
  • Collection of weather data
  • Measurement of snow depth in tracks, ski slopes etc.
  • Snow depth forecast
  • Area visualization of snow depth

  • LoRa Wan (LTE Optional)
  • Snow depth sensor
  • Battery lifespan
  • Temperature measurement (-40̊ to + 85̊)
  • Humidity measurement (0 to 100%)
  • Air pressure measurement (300 to 1100 hPa)
  • Autocalibrating