Some of our
completed projects

Ringhals Nuclear Powerplant
Custom made solution for automated staff information through a central managed system connected to screen walls and smaller displays. The solution and developers was accepted by the Swedish Security Service (Säpo).
COOP Grocery Chain
Selfservice units in 800+ Coop stores connected to PIM and CMS. Starbit provided both hardware, software, hosting, installation with network and power infrastructure.
Swedavia Airports
Custom made CMS for Swedavias several hundred LED screens. We made a system for Swedavia to be able to group, monitor and distribute information on their airport screens.
OKQ8 Fuel Company
Automated statistics on OKQ8 headquarters connected through customer ERP for large display use. The system was built to create graphic content out of plain data.
Karolinska University Hospital
Disaster management system with monitors around all wards at the hospital. Powered by telematics ISP service. Including the Safety Department and Astrid Lindgren Children's Hospital.